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Branded Sky - Tiverton Balloon Festival Winners - 24 May 2011

Branded Sky pilots take top two spots in Tiverton Balloon Festival.

Pilot Matthew Nicholson came 1st and Pat Pruchnickyj came 2nd in the Tiverton Balloon Festival this past weekend.  As organisers of the event, Aerosaurus Balloons Ltd were keen to use the festival as a way of informing and entertaining the public and the local farming community in all aspects of ballooning. An estimated 15,000 people visited the festival site. The balloon teams were awarded points for each public interaction session that they participated in and Branded Sky were delighted that two of their pilots were awarded the top prizes.

Describing the festival on the opening day live to BBC Devon during an eight minute broadcast Matthew commented that; “The Tiverton Balloon

Festival is the first major balloon event to be held in Mid Devon since 1988.”  

Matthew also flew members of the press including a cameraman from This is Exeter  and a journalist representing Western Daily Press, the Herald, North Devon Journal, Express & Echo and the Western Morning News. Media coverage of the festival appeared in regional and local editions of newspapers and online news sites.

Matthew participated in running a school workshop on Thursday 19th May in the lead up to the event as a number of primary and secondary schools were invited to come along to the festival site and take part in a 1 ½ hour session. Matthew instructed his class of 50 children who came from two primary schools in the local area to show them the components of a hot air balloon.  The children helped Matthew as the balloon was laid out on the ground and participated in getting it inflated and ready for flight.  The class then moved inside the balloon envelope as the children were given a description of the principals of balloon flight.  

The two balloons operated by

Branded Sky pilots Matthew

and Pat were featured in

Friday’s night glow.  Matthew's

British Airways balloon was placed

in front centre stage in front of

the other balloons and delivered

a solo glow sequence during the

17 minute performance.  

The 3,500 spectators were

treated to a stunning view

of the balloons glowing and

choreographed to a mixture of

well-known pop songs and

classical favourites conducted by James Thompson who is a music technology graduate.

Branded Sky demonstrated the Schroeder balloon (D-OSFB) for it’s first ever outing in the UK.    This brand new balloon is a Schroeder 26/24 (2,600 Cubic Metres / 24 Gores) which is just over 90,000 cubic feet in size.  It features the Schroeder signature fire breathing dragon logo on the side of the envelope fabric and looked stunning in Friday’s night glow.

Both of the balloons were on show for the festival attendees on Saturday afternoon and participated in the mass ascents from the launch field on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Branded Sky would like to thank all of the visitors on Friday and Saturday on behalf of Devon Air Ambulance Trust and Exeter Leukaemia Fund for their attendance and support.

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